The founder of the ITSS Capital Group is IT Systems and Solutions, existing since 2007. Since then, the company has taken a leading position on the market of suppliers of comprehensive solutions increasing the competitiveness, productivity and security of IT environments. From the very beginning of its operations, IT Systems and Solutions has been consistently implementing the mission of building the Capital Group, which is a leader in IT services for both large and medium-sized companies, public administration and local government in Poland. The Group consist of profitable IT companies focusing on specific market niches in the IT industry in Poland.​

Since June 2013, Doskomp has become a part of the ITSS Capital Group. The company was founded in 1989 and has a well-established position in Poland among suppliers of top-class budget management systems for both local government and budgetary units (over 2,000 customers).  The experience of Doskomp employees related to budget reporting of local government units has been paying off and building a lasting relationship with the company’s customers. These competences enable providing advanced services at the highest technological and professional level.

A year later, in June 2014, IT Systems and Solutions took over a majority stake in Doskomp, which at the same time enriched the Group’s offer with products and services of LPE (which Doskomp has been a co-owner since July 2013). Within the entire Capital Group LPE is responsible for the implementation and support of dedicated educational and training processes based on the latest technologies and the highest standards.

In October 2019, ITSS Capital Group entered B2C market by signing an investment agreement acquiring a majority stake in SITA Sp. z o.o. (

SITA is an undisputed leader in education promotion using a deep state of relaxation, also in languages learning. The company’s main product is the SITA device, which helps to achieve and maintain a state of relaxation while learning. The company’s offer also includes foreign language courses with the innovative SITA method.