Managed Services allow our customers to use the latest infrastructure and security technologies in the form of a service. The combination of products and knowledge of ITSS engineers is of great value for any organization that wants to focus on its core business and want to hire experts with products from an integrator.

Our experience in providing services to clients from the public and commercial sectors on a national scale allows us to implement projects that would often fail in the traditional investment model. The customers needs for dynamic changes in the computing power of IT environments, and thus often also security, can only be addressed by the Service Providers like ITSS.

We have built a number of services called enterCLOUD, based on proven and effective solutions that enable the use of the latest technology in recurring payments without taking investment risk.

However, the most important aspect of our offer is the knowledge of our engineers how to launch the service of providing computing power, website security, email protection or building DRC based on available commercial solutions that guarantee business security to our customers.