Nowadays, building an IT application very often involves choosing type of infrastructure we want to create. A natural choice for companies that have IT environments is to build local environments (on-prem) or hybrid environments, where some services are served from our local infrastructure and some from cloud infrastructure. Finally, the last option is purely cloud infrastructure, which is definitely the most interesting for variable intensity infrastructure.

The vision of datacenter is also changing over time. What was once imagined as a series of server racks, over time, began to turn into individual racks thanks to virtualization. Currently, this load (VM) is run in hybrid modes with the public cloud, or only in the cloud mode.

The constantly changing versions of the software make it impossible to imagine a modern data center without systems supporting automatic patch deployment, managing privileged access, or professional backup systems.

The growing interest in public cloud services such as Microsoft365 has also built the demand for migration of the mail system or migration between services.

In all these areas ITSS can be a significant support and can help you to carry out these processes painlessly, with least possible impact on the continuity of the client’s businesses.